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If you’ve ever been in a bar where someone was cheering for a team that was down by too many points to come back by, you either saw one of the most die-hard fans ever, or you saw someone who was betting the spread. You may already see the benefits of betting point spreads, but we wanted to take a minute and hammer home some of the reasons that these bets are a great addition to a winning sports betting strategy. Following that, we’ll get into some basic and advanced strategies of betting point spreads for the more seasoned sports bettors.

How to bet on MLS –

How to bet on MLS

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This means that instead of being paid out at -110, you will receive even money for your bet. If you make a $100 bet, you’ll now get $100 in profit back instead of just $90.91. A lot of sharp bettors do see this as a sign that the line will probably move to +3 right before the game. It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes waiting could be smart if you would rather have the +3 instead of the even money at +2.5.

CFDs versus Share Trading

This means that if you’re looking to bet against the favorite, you might want to wait until late in the week to place your bet. As the bets pour in late on the favorite, the odds will move to try and entice more action on the underdog (the team you want to bet on). Even if it does not move, you should still be able to get the same bet at the same spread. And if for some strange reason it goes the other way, you can just wait and bet on the next game.

What is a Point Spread? –

What is a Point Spread?.

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A license from a regulator does not guarantee that a private investor will be protected in the event of a conflict of interest with a broker. Language issues, multi-jurisdictional issues, financial fees for handling a claim – in most cases all this makes the process of filing a complaint with the regulator pointless. Many regulators explicitly indicate that they do not consider claims from individuals. Stock brokers have a qualified investor rule, which involves testing and high requirements for start-up capital. But the investment risks are borne by the retail investor in any case. Unlike traditional trading, where you buy or sell the underlying asset, spread betting involves betting on the direction of the price movement.

Double Down on Good Moves

In the example from above, you can take the New York Yankees (+1.5) on the run line at (-194) odds, or the Houston Astros (-1.5) at (+160) odds. Even though the Astros are favored, taking Houston on the run line offers a better potential payout. Another way to look at “-“odds – on a (-110) line you would have to bet $110 to win $100 profit. The second quirk of an index CFD compared with a spread-bet is that you receive the underlying dividend. Dividends are credited or debited to your account as they are paid out by the underlying companies, depending on whether you are long or short of the index. In this example, a bettor who places a $100 bet on the Yankees would win $150 if the Yankees win the game.

City Index also has an options desk for spread betting on index and populare stock options. Conversely, in most other countries financial spread betting income is considered taxable. This has resulted in a much lower interest in financial spread betting in those countries. For example, in a cricket match a sports spread betting firm may list the spread of a team’s predicted runs at 340 – 350. The gambler can elect to ‘buy’ at 350 if they think the team will score more than 350 runs in total, or sell at 340 if they think the team will score less than 340. If the gambler elects to buy at 350 and the team scores 400 runs in total, the gambler will have won 50 unit points multiplied by their initial stake.

NFL point spread betting

When evaluating a spread bet, you’ll want to understand how often the team you’re considering betting on covers the current spread and how often they cover the historic spread. If we consider that spread bets are meant to be 50/50 propositions, then a quick crunching of the numbers illustrates just how challenging it is to hit multiple spread bets on the same ticket. If you don’t like math and just want a pretty close way of determining your payout on a point spread bet, you’re in luck.

The New Orleans Saints’ raucous home at the Superdome is a notoriously difficult environment for visiting opponents. Risk can also be mitigated by the use of arbitrage, betting two ways simultaneously.

Successful CFD trading strategies

Then, to close a spread bet, you trade in the opposite direction to when you opened it. So if you bought at the outset, you’d sell to exit – and vice versa. If you like the favorite, that team will have to win the game by two or more runs or goals, while the underdog can cover by winning outright or by keeping the margin to one. By extension, it can make contests that appear to be mismatched much more appealing from a betting perspective.

  • SMART Signals, is one of the best trading signal services out there and is developed in-house by City Index.
  • In the case of a push, most bookmakers will return the money wagered.
  • If the side that you choose covers the spread, you win, but if your selection fails to do so, you lose.
  • Just assume you’ll be getting about 90% of what you bet back in profit.

However, over that amount your funds are not protected and as spread betting is an OTC product your risk is with the broker rather than the exchange. The best way to ensure your funds are protected is to always use a well capitalised broker. Essentially, the B book means that the broker will take the other side of a trade for some time. This efficiency essentially allows brokers to pass on cheaper trading costs to their clients. Some ask how can the B Book model in spread betting still exists in the current financial climate? The answer is simple; without it, all the brokers would go out of business.

Time To Spread Bet

Both options and spread-betting allow for a wide range of underlying markets, including stocks, forest, commodities, and more. The Current and Historic Spreads will give you insight into the margin a particular team is getting beat/winning by and whether the sportsbooks are consistently underestimating/overestimating the team. You’ll then want to evaluate how Louisville has historically performed against the spread (e.g. +10.5 against Clemson, +16 against UVA, +20 against Miami) (the “Historic Spread”). You’ll see that Louisville has consistently been underestimated by the sportsbooks and has covered the spread 4 out of the last 5 games.

professional spread betting

If the final line ends up being Kings +7.5, Warriors -7.5, Sacramento bettors could win the bet under two different scenarios. The first would be if the Kings win the game straight up without the points. With the Kings getting 7.5 points, they can still lose the game by seven points or less and the bet will be a winner.

Betting on the point spread is when you wager on how many points a team will win or lose by. Point spread betting is particularly popular when wagering on the NFL and NBA. Yes, plus you do not have to pay tax on forex trading if you are spread betting, however you do if you are trading spot or CFDs.

  • High betting volume results in exceedingly accurate price discovery.
  • Traders who wager £1 per point can expect to make 10 or even 100 times their initial investment if the market moves in their favor if their bets increase in value with every point gained.
  • Usually one of the markets the books offer is a live point spread market.
  • Spread betting is a product or practice that gives traders access to the financial markets so they can speculate on price movements, whereas forex trading is the market itself.

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